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i agree at one time this site was great for networking amongst philly hip hop people and it did help me a lot in connecting with people but hopefulylwe can back to that n i would contribute.

Spek27 said:
When the old forum was in it's prime, Facebook & Twitter weren't that popular yet. As Pecue said, majority of people that were on the old forum are now on Twitter. Hopefully, in the months to come, we can build this forum into a place where people can check for upcoming shows or anything else of interest going on in the city. When it becomes a valuable and credible source for information, then discussions can start building.
There's been more activity on this thread in the past two days than there's been on the whole forum in the last month. With the exception of pv(dude's like beetlejuice, can't say the name too much), everyone that's replied to this has made at least one valid point that I respected on the old forum. Twitter's cool, but you still have to wade through a lot of celebrity shit.

The only this can be good again is if the people who gave good discussion or promotes a good show or album show up again, which includes the 4 or 5 that have been on this thread.

Sorry if I just sounded like a preachy douche

I tried coming back here a while ago, but Facebook and Twitter kind of replaced this site. I miss ya'll. Hi PhillyVet. :)

PhillyVeteran said:
I agree. What the fuck happened? It used to be that I could log on, make a post, then have a argument about it a mile long for the next month lol. It used to be we could go back and forth. Plus a lot of the original posters who were informative and entertaining don't post no more. Where's Big O, Kas, Alia, etc. etc.?

And it's not like we ain't got a lot of shit to talk about. I got like 50 million stories that happened since the last time we were on. Shit, you'd laugh all fuckin day if you heard some of them. We got football season, basketball season, hockey season, soccer season all coming up too. Lots of shit to talk about. BUT.....ain't nobody talkin. It's all fucked up.
Ohh how i miss thee

im not happy with this new site at all...

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