This thread is for posting the music you are currently listening to.

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not trying to be dramatic.... whats currently playing in the ipod

sorry, but he is trying to mimmick Meek's single. just listen to that beat.
Mimick Meek? Reed don't need to mimick anyone let alone Meek. And while we're talking about it let's get this cleared up now......yes Meek is hotter right now.....but Reed is much better than Meek. Reed is wayyy more talented so let's not get it twisted. Yes Meek is hot for now. But check their catalogues man, Reed done it all and that's not counting all the shit he did that's never been released.
Yo check this...
For some reason I can't get the link to work right. what happened?
im not knockin reed. im justsayin listen to his cadence and listen to the beat. hes tryin to copy the formula that meek followed on his hit single. all im sayin. im comparing songs, not artists as a whole
Dude are you serious? you say Reed is trying to copy Meek's cadence? Really? How about when reed was hot in this city all of Philly tried to copy reed including Cassidy. When Cassidy came out with the song talking about being in his bag who was he copying because Reed was talking about being in his bag a whole year before Cassidy did. When Reed was the hottest in the city Meek wasn't even thought about. meek tried to copy reed. So did everyone else. If you want to talk about being able to switch flows, tempo, cadence, etc. etc. then I tell you right now I have no problem saying Reed is the best there is. And let's not even talk about what would happen in a battle because we all know who would win that and it's not even close.
why can't i post links?!!!
Whats the link send it to me in a message ill try to get it up for now.. not sure why you cant post a link on here? it worked for the youtube link at the top of the page

PhillyVeteran said:
why can't i post links?!!!
ive been listening to these non-stop:

among some other older shit.
i can't get it to work either.

PhillyVeteran said:
why can't i post links?!!!

if you go to youtube and type in "Reed Dollaz & Kyle Rifkin Laides Night" that is the song I was trying to post. If you can post it that would be appreciated. Also, another song on youtube Reed did with a rapper named Ceddy Cash.

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