Dsp/bios driver developer's guide

1 Software Guide 1.1 Overview The Software Guide is an all-in-one document detailing how to use Spectrum Digital emulators and development boards with TI Code Composer Studio (CCStudio). The software guide provides steps on how to use the various tools required for debugging.
















DSP/BIOS Textual Configuration (Tconf) User's Guide (SPRU007) DSP/BIOS Driver Developer's Guide (SPRU616) Online help in the DSP/BIOS Configuration Tool; TI eXpressDSP Wiki; Release notes; Application notes; DSP/BIOS Link documentation and application notes (for multiprocessor or OMAP applications) RTSC-Pedia for wiki-based information on Writing DSP/BIOS Device Drivers for Block I/O 5 Adapters are separate from device controllers because adapters use DSP/BIOS function calls that are specific to either the PIP or SIO buffering method. In addition separating the adapter from the device controller minimizes the amount of code that must be written to implement a •Facilitates software development on the following devices: C5504, C5505, C5514, C5515, C5517, C5535, and C5545 •Provides a collection of functions, macros, and symbols used to configure and control on-chip peripherals •Is fully scalable and does not require the use of DSP/BIOS components to operate The purpose of this software design guide is to walk developers through the various stages of designing software for TI's C6-Integra ARM + DSP devices as well as the RTOS Support for OMAP-L138/C6748 DSP/BIOS Platform Support Package for OMAP-L138/C6748 DSP BIOS PSP Driver Datasheet DSP/BIOS™ LINK LNK 058 USR USER GUIDE B. WHERE TO BEGIN? 5 Available Documents B.1. Platform Specific These documents are specific to the OMAP5912 OSK where Linux is running on the GPP OS. 1. INSTALLATION GUIDE InstallGuide.pdf This document provides information to install DSP/BIOS™LINK on the development host and setup the development Guide (literature number SPRU625) describes the DSP/BIOS API functions, which are alphabetized by name. The API Refer

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