Big O Wordplay
By: Justin Rizzio

A while back, the talented Deesha Dyer had a feature on here called Wordplay. Random people answering random questions. It was always an interesting and funny read. Since Deesha has moved on to doing bigger and better things (we're all proud of her), I figured I would steal her concept while she's gone. First up for the return of Wordplay is Big Oc Diesel. Stand up comedian, show host, resident fat guy and all around good people, this is Big O.

215hiphop: Describe yourself in 3 words.
Big O: Fat as shit.

215: Tell me a joke.
Big O: Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Plies, OJ The Juice Man and Fat Joe are the top 5 rappers to ever do it

215: Is racism funny?
Big O: A Little bit. Shouts to my nigga Mel Gibson. Lol. Some folks don't know they racist. Like my homie Uncle O said, "think about these few things and answer them truthfully. When there is a black and white family on family fued, who do you root for and why"? Also, if you're white and in you're car by yourself, do you stop singing when a song say the N word? And if you black, have you ever said "the man tryin to hold us back"? Lol. I dunno, I'm just sayin.

215: What do you do?
Big O: I eat, sleep, talk shit about people, I do t-shirt silk screening, I'm a host on WWW.UERADIOLIVE.COM and WWW.OFFICIALSTREETRADIO.COM on thursdays from 7pm - 11pm and on on fridays from 10pm - 2am. I'm a comedian and a hip hop show host (prolly the best around, that's what the fans say) I think that's it.

215: Worst rapper in Philly?
Big O: I have to plead the fif on this one (damn, I never do Just say that if I name them, cats will look them up to see why they are so lame and that'll boost that clowns Google, YouTube, etc.. Just say you ain't heard as much about him in the city since that team went different question. Lol.

215: Best place to eat in Philly?
Big O: Anywhere you see me eatin'...I only eat that good grub. Lol. But my favorite cheese steak spot is John's Roast Pork on Front and Snyder, even though my brotha Nico thinks it's Phil's. Lol.

215: Tell me another joke.
Big O: Fuck it, here's a few

215: Best rapper in Philly?
Big O: Damn, only one? Shit..ok, here ya go. But he got alotta middle The Beast Reef The Lost Cauze Peedi Crakk Beanie Sigel Scorp Da Boy Chinko The Great Pretty Ugly Black Thought B. Kane Ethel Cee Chic Raw ..Oh yeah, I forgot his last name. I'll tell you that

215: Tell me something I might not know about you.
Big O: I'm Big Oc. I'm a scorpio from south Philadelphia. I like long walks through the hood. I have a wife of 14 years and a 13 year old son. My favorite color is honey suckle. I can be found on YouTube
under "big oc diesel". I'm from Passyunk projects. Now you know me....lmmfao. I cried when I watched the movie An American Tale, when the lil mouse nigga couldn't find his family. Come on, don't judge me man. I was a youngin when that movie was out. But I'll still beat the brakes off a mother (Refer to the Sick Six party at the Also I like country music. (True shit).

215: Tell me something you want people to know about you.
Big O: I dunno what to tell you. Check me out on Twitter (@BIGOCDIESEL), FaceBook (OC DIESEL), and BIGOCDIESEL.COM coming soon. I'm an open book. If cats wanna know anything about me, they can ask me. I'll answer it. I'm a good guy. I'm a father, husband...I dunno, I'm out every weekend. If they wanna know, ask me face to

Shout outs to my wife April, my son Nysir, my mom and my dad (yeah, I know My sisters and brother. Jodie, Ccelli, Dj NoPhrillz, Benja Styles, Mel Harris Jr., Nico The Beast, Tim Allen, my whole UE Radio Live family, my whole Official Street Radio family, my Street Spittas family, my Memory Lane family, Haj, Reef, Teef, Dave Blakk, Reb from the, everyone I forgot, blame my mind not my heart. It's 4am right now, shit. I gotta thank the haters, cause y'all made me who I am. I worked hard to shit on y'all.

Edited by: Tom Williams

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Comment by PhillyVeteran on August 22, 2010 at 4:41pm
Good shit. Big O, I was wondering where the fuck you were lol.
Comment by Jimmy Giambrone on August 22, 2010 at 2:35pm

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