Interview w/Kelly Divine
By: Justin Rizzio
Edited by: Tom Williams

Ok, so you might be asking yourself, what does porn star Kelly Divine have to do with a music website? More specifically, what does she have to do with Well my answer to that is why do you care? She's got one of the best asses in porn and I wanted to interview her. That's as honest as it gets. So here's my interview with one of the finest backsides in the industry, Kelly Divine.

215hiphop: So, what part of Philly are you from?
Kelly: Well, my family is from West Philly but I was born and raised in Chester, PA. Its a really crazy city just south of South Philly.

215: So, how did a young girl such as yourself go from Philly to L.A. to be in the adult film industry?
Kelly: Haha I'm not sure how to answer this cause I don't even know, lol. I was doing some promo, lingerie, and swimsuit modeling and had an online portfolio. Agents in LA kept hitting me up trying to convince me to start doing porn. I was shocked, its taboo to be a stripper in Philly and unheard of to be in porn! But after a few months of throwing $$ at me I gave in and decided to try it. I never turned back.

215: A lot of people have their own ideas of how women get into the industry, as far as drug problems and childhood issues. How true is this?
Kelly: I'm sure a lot of girls in porn have issues, I'm also sure a lot do not have issues. Nothing bad ever happened to me as a child. I never had drug problems or anything. To be successful you can't be all fucked up. Any girl can do porn but any girl can't be a star. You have to have your head on straight for sure to do well.

215: Do you ever regret being in porn and thought what your life would be like if you had pursued a different career?
Kelly: Hell no. I don't look at it in a negative light like many outsiders do. I mean, I can't blame people for thinking the things they do about the industry. The media portrays it as horrible and so that's the only side people see. Sure it has its ugly side, but there also is a great business side. A lot of people do porn and use the money to go to school or start other businesses. You could never make this kind of money this quick doing anything else legally. I love it!

215: Has there ever been any type of scene you refused to do, and is there anything you would refuse to do on film?
Kelly: I refused to do a "rape scene" before. I refuse to cater to sick people. I won't do rape, I wont do scenes where I have to play unconscious or sleeping during sex, no kiddie stuff or animals. Gross.

215: So what's your dating life like? Is it difficult to find a guy that's ok with your career? And what kind of sex do you have off-screen?
Kelly: I have a boyfriend. Its challenging to have a healthy relationship while doing porn. It takes a lot of trust and respect. My off-screen sex is even more passionate than my on-screen sex. Everything I do on camera I like, but off camera I have to negotiate with what my boyfriend is into.

215: l just want to say you have an incredible ass. No actual question behind that comment, just wanted to say that thing is amazing.
Kelly: Yes its real, lol.

215: Speaking of ass, let's talk about anal sex. Was on screen the first time you tried it and is it true you prefer it?
Kelly: It was not the first time I tried it but I definitely prefer it. My ass can take way more than my pussy can! It was made for porn.

215: What's it like behind the scenes with the women you work with? Any fighting and/or jealousy going on?
Kelly: I get along well with all of the girls I've ever met on set but I'm sure there are girls who don't get a long. Girls will be girls.

215: Oh, I almost forgot. Since this is a hip hop website, do you listen to hip hop? And if so, what do you listen to?
Kelly: I do! I like older stuff though. Jay-Z, NAS, Eminem, Remy Ma, and Lil' Wayne are my favs.

215: Thank you Kelly for your time with this interview. Any last words to Philly?
Kelly: Thanks for the love and support ;) I hope I make you proud! ;) Keep up with my blog for everything I'm up to!

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Comment by Jimmy Giambrone on September 7, 2010 at 1:46pm
I enjoyed this interview a lot! Seems like some ppl are too sensitive tho.
Comment by Spek27 on August 27, 2010 at 5:24pm
Rooted - there are a few things I need to address regarding your post. The first thing would be to say that Eminem or Jay-Z are not hip hop? That's ridiculous. On what grounds do they not qualify as hip hop? Jay got his start with Big Daddy Kane and Big L. Em cameup through the battle scene and worked with tons of indie cats coming up. And both can rhyme there asses off. there's a reason why they sell so many records. Also, you mentioned that the rappers she listed are "not OLDER by any means". Kelly is 26. Jay came out in 1990, which means she was 6 years old when Jay was making records. With Nas, she was like 9. With Wayne and Eminem she around 15 or 16. So, those actually are older artists.

Now, regarding the "underground hip hop movement" in Philly being dead, you're crazy. The owners of this site, as well as myself are 3 people that are very much plugged into the Philly "scene", and have been for quite some time. So as far as questioning our hip hop cred, you failed with that one, considering none of us even know who you are.

And as far as the kelly divine interview goes, I think Just One summed it up perfectly.
Comment by Just One on August 27, 2010 at 10:18am
These comments HAVE to be a joke, right?!? (why I'm not taking this seriously) BUT just to entertain.... I"m curious if "Rooted" and "PhillyVet" write to XXL, the source,, and several other hip hop media outlets and voice there thoughts for them showcasing, promoting and glorifying woman in videos depicting music groupies, showing indications of sexual favors for bar drinks, cars and so on that specifically is played on a network (MTV) that specifically targets children that easily see those videos where PORN is tagged to be flagged by any parent with a brain that knows how to block porn from there home computers (not to say there's not ways around it & we all say porn before we hit 13yrs old) BUT we do NOT target children to come on here. We target those who are 21+ who can come to our parties.. is that simple!!

AND you must of overseen that we're called 215--hiphop MEANING we feature any and everything that is either Philly or Hip Hop. And as seen in the past we feature Philly SPORTS, ART, Photography, college programs and hip hop. Kelly is from Philly who became a rising entrepreneur in an multi TRILLION dollar industry. If you find that not news worthy.... than thats YOUR opinion!!
Comment by Douche McWilliams on August 27, 2010 at 9:35am
ill smack the shit outta your faggot ass face
Comment by rooted on August 27, 2010 at 2:43am
Douche - Ya skinny jeans must be too tight McSUN. Stay in your lane. You can't justify this bs. That's why your comments lack relevance. - Queens respect Kings... You are losing mine. Do your homework and respect the culture and artistic movements of our people. Kill the fall back line too cause it's weak and way beyond played.
Comment by Douche McWilliams on August 27, 2010 at 12:32am
the backpacks on too tight big dog. dont be drawn. fall back SUN.
Comment by rooted on August 26, 2010 at 7:23pm
I can't believe you sold the H@#! out like this... What the heck does porn have to do with hip-hop or this trick of a woman for lack of a better word? You need that much attention to your site that you gave up the ghost and got hooked on crack (azzz crack)??? Also Jay-Z, Eminem, Remy are NOT hip hop! How can this be stressed! The underground hip hop movement in Philly is dead and just waiting to be resurrected. I thought you might be true to the cause and help bring it back to life, but you pull this ish? I was trying to give you a chance, but ignorance wins! The cats Kelly Divine listed are not OLDER by any means nor should they be glorified along with her "behind" in the realm of hip hop. They are about bombastic rap... incoherent utterances.... straight bs. They have no clue what true hip hop is. They are about selling watered down beats and dreams of raining paper and getting tricks like Kelly Divine to sell their ish. They sold out to contracts, fat azz backs and benjamins; not to the love of hip hop. You know you failed... and failed big time on this interview. Just own up Sun. If you a King, hold it down like a King and keep it clean and true to the game. - PEACE
Comment by Spek27 on August 25, 2010 at 5:51pm
PhillyVeteran- Seriously, shut the fuck up. I did this interview, alot of people liked it, and nobody affiliated with this site owes you any type of explanation for what we do. Fall back.
Comment by PhillyVeteran on August 25, 2010 at 3:44pm
Douche faggot you're gonna stick your foot up my ass? I want to see that bitch.
Comment by Douche McWilliams on August 25, 2010 at 12:40pm
Ill spouse the virtue of my foot up your ass. Be out.

Nice job Spek.

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