Interview w/ Nico The Beast
By: Justin Rizzio
Edited by: Tom Williams

For the past few years, Nico The Beast has been making his presence in Philly more and more known. He's a man who has suffered great losses and yet still keeps moving forward. Whether facing tragedy or just some slander from former teammates, Nico remains dedicated. With a new project and a new outlook on life in general, here is Nico The Beast.

215hiphop: Prior to being a solo artist, you were in a group. What was the reason for the split?

Nico: Yeah, I was part of a group called Clean Guns. The reason for the split??? Well, let's just leave it at was ALL about one person. If they weren't involved wit a song / project / show, then they wanted no parts of it. Homie was always in competition with me and I never tried to outshine the bol. It is what it is though.

215: Your former partner recently had some negative things to say about your team. Any comments to that?

Nico: Word??? Oh, you mean the faggoty interview he did where he tried to place blame on me and my homie for the downfall of the company? Then went on to say that we were jealous because his project was so successful? Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!! BET!!! Truth be told, ZILLA ROCCA IS PUSSY! Steven is a good dude, but ZILLA??? No good. Ask anybody if there's a difference. Plain and simple. Funny thing is, I knew homie 24 years and he played himself over music. His chick was in his ear like "You don't need Nico." and the dumb ass believed her. Hahaha! Word. They're no longer together. God bless him. It's crazy cause his peoples are a good breed. I grew up 4 doors away from his grandparents and they're some great people. Rest in peace to his grandfather, he was a great man. He just has the only child syndrome where the attention ALWAYS had to be on him. Mu fuckas know him and they know me, so they can draw they own conclusions on the matter.

215: So tell us about Nico the solo artist. What are you about?

Nico: As an artist, I've always been solo. I work wit cats that I RESPECT and really wanna see succeed. My brothers B. Kane & Big Oc Diesel are my main focus outside of my own work. I'm all about my family, my true friends, and writing REAL music. Shit that I've been through and am still going through. Other people write about nothing and are cool wit that. I can't do that. That's fraudulent

215: For those who haven't heard the new album, tell them why they should.

Nico: Listen to the album because it is an in depth look into the beast! It is great music in all varieties. From the hard hitting anthems to the bouncy, catchy joints to the TRUE story joints! It's ALL ME!! Every beat on it is a BANGER and lyrically it's on point!

215: A lot of Philly artists come and go pretty quickly. What's gonna keep you making music?

Nico: I got four kids. One of which is in heaven driving me to succeed and keep my family afloat.

215: You've been working with some different artists compared to a few years ago. Any major differences between them and your former team?

Nico: One blatantly obvious difference....LOYALTY!!

215: Where can people find out more about you, and what's next for Nico The Beast?

Nico: Find out more about me at or I'm easily accessible! @NicoTheBeast on twitter if u tryna network.

What's next for me is a project called "The Beast & The East" which is a feature compilation of all the best emcees and producers on the east coast. Then another album by the spring!

215: Last words?

Nico: Shouts to for always supporting the Beast no matter who I run with. Shouts to Just One, TZR, Spek, and all the cats in Philly hip hop that ain't turn they back on me and my bro Big O. Heavy respect for that! Shouts to my team... Big Oc Diesel, B. Kane, 2ew Gunna, Capo, D. Starr, T, Pudge, Byrd, Telly, Vixion, my wife and kids. If ANYBODY feels some sort of way about this interview...feel free to comment below with an address, email, contact info to reach you at and you will most definitely be obliged.

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