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Skammadix Interview
By: Justin Rizzio
Edited by: Tom Williams

If you follow Philly hip hop, you might have noticed the name Skammadix listed on more than a few liner notes. He's produced tracks for Philly artists such as King Syze, Outerspace, Army Of The Pharoahs, and several others. The native New Yorker has also has built a pretty impressive resume with MC's from his own state as well. So, for those of you that are unfamiliar with him, allow me to introduce Skammadix. And trust me, you'll most likely be hearing his name a lot more in the future.

215hiphop: For those reading this that might not know, who are some of the artists you've produced for?
Skammadix: MF Grimm, Majesty, DVS, Final Outlaw, Rugged N Raw, The Day Laborers, AOTP, Mr. Beatz, Doap Nixon, Outerspace, King Syze, Sabac Red, A Masstapeace, BARON of Red Clay, M-Dot and EMS, Subtex, Dickie Skinz, Gee-Ko, Millyz and Chilla, Rite Hook, and I’ve had a ton of features on my beats on projects such as: Mac Lethal, Lawrence Arnell, King Magnetic, Freestyle of the Arsonists, La Bruja, Cenophia Mitchell, Homeboy Sandman, and probably a bunch more that I’m forgetting. I have some tracks in the works with Apathy, Diabolic, Blacastan, Reef The Lost Cauze, and a bunch of others

215: You've produced for several Philly hip hop artists. Being in New York, how did that connection happen?
Skammadix: The homie TZR hooked that up. When myspace actually existed  in the realm of networking sites on the internet, I remember getting a bulletin from the QD page. I had just started making beats and I really didn't have a catalog at that point, but I kept it in the back of my mind. Once I got the catalog up, I hit TZR up and asked if he still needed beats for projects. He told me to send him a .zip file and he passed the CD's on to Crypt and Planet (Outerspace). After then it pretty much snowballed from there. Plan and I talked a lot, I met Crypt at a JMT show in NY and he took me backstage to meet Vin. We all shot the shit and we hit up a bar after the show. Vin and I spoke for a few hours, got drunk, he called Vinnie Pazienza at like 3 am drunk and we were yelling and shit. From then on it was like I became a part of the family. So yeah, big ups to TZR. If it wasn't for him, you guys probably never would have heard of me.

215: Out of all the Philly artists you've worked with, who would you say you could definitely beat in a game of Twister?
Skammadix: That's tough. I would probably say Reef because he'd probably get high as fuck and want to go get some ice cream and shit and forfeit. As an aside, saying I would play Twister with any man requires a pause. So yeah. Pause.

215: Any Philly artists you haven't worked with yet that you'd want to?
Skammadix: There's a few, but I'm working on that now. Anyway, the list looks something like: Nico the Beast, Burke the Jurke, Ethel Cee, Random, and of course the Philly stalwarts outside of the AOTP camp; Beans, Jakk Frost, and Freeway. I'd also throw Vas a few beats if he promised me steak and egg sandwiches for life. That seems like a fair trade. That's jokes. I would work with Vas regardless.

215: What would you say the differences are between New York and Philly hip hop?
Skammadix: Man, that's tough because there's a lot of similarities. I mean I really only listen to street shit and that's represented well in both Hip-Hop communities. I would say that there's probably less Hipster rap in Philly from my perspective. But other than that, they parallel each other. I think both scenes are amazing and are filled with a lot of talented cats. The battle scene is heavy in NY though with Grindtime. Shouts to Poison Pen and PH for keeping that shit live.

215: Who would you rather work with, Sisqo or Drake?
Skammadix: Really? I mean REALLY? I would have to say Drake. I mean he's a little more hip-hop than Sisqo. That's not really saying much though. Plus his eyebrows aren't nearly as annoying as Sisqo's entire personality.

215: What production equipment are you working with?
Skammadix: Roland MV-8800, Cubase, over 8,000 vinyls, Reason 5, and an old ass computer that serves its purpose.

215: If someone never heard your work, what 3 songs would you start them off with?
1. ‘Our Father” by Outerspace. Mainly because that's the one song I'm most proud of. The beat for that song was the first beat I made after my grandmother passed. I sent it to Crypt and Planet and told them the little backstory behind it. When I heard the finished product, I was really taken aback by what Crypt and Planet had done with it. I had no idea that was the direction they would have went with it. It's an amazing tribute to my grandmother and anyone who has lost someone or questions their existence.

2. “Facing Days” by The Day Laborers. Talented cats from LI. It's a song that everyone can relate to. I love the beat too.

3. “Through Blood By Thunder” by AOTP. Just to show my range. It's a totally different vibe than the first two. Plus it was the second major placement I had and it also helped to get the ball rolling as far as getting my music out there.

215: Last words?
Skammadix: Yeah. Stop stealing music you fucking herbs. Do the right thing. If you're going to steal the music, at least go to these artists shows and buy a shirt or some shit. Making music costs money, I don't know if some of you realize that. We all don't record in our basements. Studio time, engineering, mixing, mastering, the pressing of physical copies, all of that shit costs dough. It's not like I go to your job at Baskin-Robbins, hop behind the counter, make myself a banana split and a shake and just walk the fuck out with it, do I? Show some support. This is an expensive business for artists. It's not ridiculously profitable either. It's something we enjoy doing because we know the fans enjoy it and we love doing it, but that doesn't mean we can do it for free. With the advent of things like iTunes, you don't even have to buy whole albums. Spend the couple of bucks on the songs that you like. Every little bit helps.
Make sure you check out my blog also. www.Skammadix.blogspot.com it'll be good for a few laughs and I'll be sharing music there. Now, I have to get back on Twitter and shit on people with the homie Spek27. Thanks for taking an interest in what I do. It's much appreciated.

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