Interview w/Stu Bangas
By: Justin Rizzio
Edited by: Tom Williams

If you're from Philly, you most likely know Stu Bangas from his production work on Reef The Lost Cauze's Fight Music album. Besides working with Reef, Stu has been putting in work and building up quite an impressive resume lately, both in and out of Philly. While preparing for the release of his latest project with Screwball's Blaq Poet, I caught up with Stu to hopefully get people acquainted with a name they'll most likely be hearing a lot more of in the future.

215:  A lot of people in Philly heard your music for the first time on Reef The Lost Cauze's Fight Music album. How did that album come about, and why did it take so long to finally drop?
Stu Bangas: I met Reef through a mutual acquaintance (at the time) in Boston who was booking him for shows.  That dude was buying verses off Reef for his projects and used a couple beats of mine for him to rap on.  Then I just stayed in touch with Reef and we started working on music together.
Fight Music took a while to drop because of geographic reasons and then also because we didn't have the know how or money to put it out all on our own so we had to find the right situation to do that for us, which ended up being Vinnie Paz's label Enemy Soil.

215: You've produced for several Philly artists, including Reef, Vinnie Paz and Doap Nixon. What non-Philly artists do you have on your resume?
Stu Bangas: I did two beats on the D.I.R.T. album for Heltah Skeltah.  I have an album with Blaq Poet that came out June 21. I have a beat on Apathy's next LP Honkey Kong which is for a joint featuring Xzibit. I got an insane joint on Chino Xl's Ricanstructian. Numerous joints for Ty Nitty of Infamous Mobb. Numerous joints for Krumbsnatcha. "Bad Man" for Slaine's White Man is the Devil 2. I've done 3 joints for Capone of CNN, which i believe are for his next mixtape. Numerous joints on Copywrite's last mixtape Hell and Back and numerous joints on his next lp God Save the King.

215: Out of all the rappers you've worked with, which ones would you be afraid to fight?
Stu Bangas: No one ‘cause I practice the ancient art of goon handery ... and I watch a lot of boxing.

215: What production equipment do you use?
Stu Bangas: MPC 2000xl, Pro Tools, Micro Korg Keyboard and records a lot of dudes aint up on.

215: Is it true that if I have a computer & access to the internet I can be a producer?
Stu Bangas: YES

215: A kid comes up to you at a show & tells you he downloaded your last album. What do you say to that?
Stu Bangas: Did you like it?

215: Tell me about this new record you're doing with Blaq Poet?
Stu Bangas: Well its half produced by me half produced by my business partner Vanderslice. It features, Reef, Paz, Capone, Chief Kamachi, RA The Rugged Man, Lateb, Celph-Titled, Apathy, Wais P, Jaysaun and others. Its came out June 21. Its just really ignorant, big sounding murder music at its finest with a few concept joints mixed in.

215: If you could choose one year from the past to have been a producer in, what year would it be and why?
Stu Bangas: I would've picked to have started in the mid-to-late 90s when I was a teen...I feel I'd be paid in full by now.

215: Name one thing that makes you stand out from other producers.
Stu Bangas: My height, I'm 6'3", ain't no other producers as tall as me.

215: Last words?
Stu Bangas: Thank you for reaching out Spek, appreciate that...Blaq Poet Society came out June 21st on Brick Records/Brutal Music. I hope you cop it if that’s you’re type of thing and if not, then download it and if you like it then cop the songs that you like off it. Thanks again.

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